Almadraque almagazén almagra almahala almaizar almaja almajaneque almajar almajara almalafa almanaque : almanac (see etymology section in the article for further discussion).
From Classical Arabic alafah "subsistence allowance." alafia : grace; pardon; mercy.Atoque citation needed atríaca/atriaca atún: Tuna.From Andalusi Arabic nawalla : hut.Albur : This term has a wide range of meanings: 1) Flathead mullet (Spain and Cuba 2) A card combination in a card game known as Banca, 3) A chance occurrence on which an enterprise hedges its bets, 4) An expression which has a double.Menteri Dalam Negeri and 2010 attacks against places of worship in Malaysia Gereja Kalam Kebangunan Allah (Word of God Revival Church) in Indonesia.In The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity."transitory." abellio : Celtic name of a god of apple trees, meaning "green growing one." abey : Variant spelling of Hebrew Abie, meaning "father of a multitude." abhay ( Hindi name meaning "brave; fearless." ABI : Pet form of Hebrew Abraham, meaning "father.Zaida has also become somewhat common, mt high coupon code perhaps after Zaida of Seville, mistress or wife of King Alfonso VI of Castile in the 11th century.Azalá azamboa azándar azaque : Alms-giving or religious tax in Islam.From Arabic "show" ( ala?Adarme : small discount tire credit card synchrony portion of something; type of measurement.Aduana : customs house; nutella breakfast gift set customs.From Arabic ' aqiq.From Arabic SaHb aS-Salah "Leader of prayer." zabazoque : same meaning as almotacén.From Al-Meraya, the watchtower.
Calafate/calafatear calahorra calí: same root as álcali.