Unwanted Harem : Charles immediately has Kelly and Angela competing for his affection.
In season 7's "Goodbye, Michael we see he's still doing.
Packer: Why does everybody ask me that?Michael stares at her, then looks at the camera crew.Villain Episode : In-Universe example with "Dwight.Shortly thereafter, the Scranton branch absorbs the Stamford branch.Lampshaded when Pam admonishes Michael to stop fake-firing people.Pam ends up drawing Dwight with a moustache and asks him to put the posters.The villagers, of course, do nothing but run away from them.I should know: I'm in an identical situation.Fun with Acronyms : Kevin realizes in the fourth season premiere that PB J could stand for Pam Beesly and Jim.Wham Shot : The last scene of "Moving On" shows an ad on Oscar's computer for the premiere of the in-universe show of "The Office" that had been in the making for eight years.This is partially an aversion of Cerebus clinton's christmas gift boxes Syndrome and partially a Rule of Funny, but it's jarring nonetheless.When Dwight insults her about her baby weight, Pam and Jim learn morse code just to tap out messages about bombs and detonators, knowing paranoid Dwight will understand them and go crazy.They immediately get back together.Everyone in orbit, save the Normandy, joined in to fight the geth attack.Goldenface : Sorry about your little friend, Scarn!We now have Robert California and Robert Lipton, in addition to Robert "Bob" Vance.Eureka Moment : When Pam is trying to bluff her way monkey king online gift code into an office administrator job, and Gabe is trying to call her bluff, she realizes he's incapable of actual confrontation.I want some man meat!Darryl admitted that he was, at least in part, banking on this when he applied to the Regional Manager position after Michael left.
Derailed for Details : When asked which five books he would want on a deserted island, Dwight acts like a Munchkin (see below Completely Missing the Point of the game and asking whether there is any firewood on the island or whether he lost his.

And although he may indeed have missed the point, the game was designed to learn about the psychologies of the players.