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We look forward to assisting you to find your perfect boating holiday and welcome any queries you may have by calling our helplines on: ABC Boat Hire: or Countrywide Cruisers.
Things TO remember, tesco Clubcard Partners vouchers can only be used towards the boat hire sweet 16 gift from aunt cost in the brochure; any extras must be paid for by cheque, debit or credit card.
You can see our current top stories here.Check the linked page for more details.Most policies do not cover such a loss.Click here for details of the conditions of hire.However there can be more than one named Clubcard Partners voucher per booking as long as that person(s) is traveling too.Tesco Personal Finance can offer a policy, which does cover loss of Tesco Clubcard Partners vouchers value under an insured event.Brochures: You can view online, download or have us post one to you.On receipt of your Clubcard Partners vouchers and any outstanding remittance, your booking will be processed and confirmation of your holiday will be sent to you by post.Just 599 plus fuel deposit 90 5 berth Alvechurch Plover 7 nights from 26th October 2018.You cannot add more Clubcard Partners vouchers to your booking at a later date, so please enclose all your Clubcard Partners vouchers for this booking.You should remember that the headline Boost figure is often not the whole story.What is the best use of Tesco Clubcard voucher?Tesco Clubcard Partners vouchers are valid for 6 months and can be used as full or part-payment of the cost of your holiday.