2, 1861) The organization of the above regiment, known as the Fifty-sixth, from New York was raised under the direction of Congressman Van Wyck, of the Tenth District, comprising the counties of Sullivan and Orange.
They are a splendid specimen of workmanship, and reflect great credit on the manufacturers as well as upon the Sons of Orange and Ulster, whose gift they were.
Officer wilson, of the Forty-third Precinct, yesterday arrested a man gifts from columbia named JAS.
Render said "corn was abundant in Merriweather County." He and.But we want the manna.Goodser, arm, slightly; James Russel, shoulder, slightly;.Sherman is in excellent spirits, and says he will make a short stay in Savannah, which by the way, he proposes to take in two or three dayshe is in no hurry about.He has been under some twelve major-generals, and had flags awarded him for distinguished services and meritorious conduct, both at the battle of Fair Oaks and Malvern Hill.Heres wishing you a happy anniversary.In the morning learned that the Fifty-sixth was on Seabrook Island; by a small boat secured reached them, and I need not tell you what gratification it afforded me once more to join and greet that gallant band.Developments may be expected, however, at an early day.How can you defend this agency,.If it exists anywhere it is in the evidence itself, which the Committee endeavored to suppress.I, scalp slight: Alex.The Drum Corps afforded us Yankee Doodle and other national airs.It was wonderful to see ripe fruits and berries the first of Mayparticularly when the days have been only pleasantly warm, and the nights cool.G, John Coppinger, back.When the reduction of Fort Sumter shall have been effected (and I candidly believe that event will soon happen the capture or destruction of Charleston is a matter of certainty as our iron-clads can then remove the obstructions in the harbor, and either steam.C., to Colonel.Now this is what Isaacs swore to on the 9th day of September, 1862: Question.Wayland, and the colored people adjourned to a Southern Barbecue, close.
V., at the battle of Fair Oaks, May 31, Col.
Independent of papers to individuals, the last mail brought thirty-five, and from thirteen different states of the Union.

No witness objected to testify on the ground that a quorum was not present.
A few days since they came back loaded down with ripe oranges and blackberries.
Hester"We have assurance that God will give us sunshine and rain until the end of the world.".