From a handloaders perspective, Ive found the WSM much more finicky than the belted design, or perhaps I should say that the.300 Winchester Magnum has shown to be easier to develop a load for.
Instead, we want to present an unbiased view of these two cartridges so that you can have a better basis for deciding which one better suits your shooting needs.
Both cartridges have options with.6 BCs which are going to be intriguing for the long range guys.
Perhaps more important is how well the ammo cycles through your weapon, which it discount booze online is the case that some ammo seems to work better with renetto coupon code 2016 certain rifles than others.Please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.We are not under the impression, nor do we want to make the impression, that all rounds available are going to fall within this range.While breaking them down and looking at each in a vacuum makes comparison easier, its important to bring all of them together to see the big picture.This cartridge fills the void for both of those requirements.Stopping Power In this section, we will examine our ten rounds and look at the kinetic energy they carry along a flight path from the muzzle to 500 yards for our.300 WSM versus the.300 Win Mag comparison.At the end of several performance and ballistic sections, we have included a table that includes the averages for those forty rounds.For this reason, military and police snipers have used all three cartridges at various times in history and all three cartridges have been used by competitors in long range shooting competitions (like the Wimbledon Cup). .Just looking at the muzzle velocities, we see three rounds that outperform the others foot locker military discount policy with two of them being.300 WSM rounds and one.300 Win Mag round.Like any category when dealing with cartridges, we are not going to be shooting the averages.When we look at the trajectory, we still did not see a lot of difference between these two cartridges.As we have seen with most of the other categories, there is a lot of similarity between these two cartridges.The.300 WM has a bullet drop.9 inches while the.300 WSM has an average bullet drop.06.Besides trajectory, the bullets ability to resist drag and wind resistance is also a factor in helping accuracy.They are also very popular cartridges among hunters and shooters all over the world.For this article, we will use the same BCs given by the manufacturer.Because of that, we wanted to step back and take a broad look at two rounds, one from each cartridge, that are very similar.As you can see in the table below comparing.308 Winchester and.30-06 Springfield Barnes VOR-TX factory loads using a 168gr Barnes ttsx BT.300 Win Mag VOR-TX factory load using a 165gr Barnes ttsx BT, there is a significant difference in the bullet trajectories.We cant quantify this in our.300 Win Mag.300 WSM comparison.The.308 Winchester,.30-06 Springfield and the.300 Winchester Magnum are all very accurate cartridges and are more than capable of doing the job in capable hands.With computer-generated data, on the other hand, we can control these variables, and it makes the comparisons a bit more clear.
And you can never minimize the impact the person holding the rifle has on accuracy.
While we might see some similarities, we also already know there are some differences in the cartridge specs that we looked at earlier.

Though the.30-06 Springfield cartridge in the photo is slightly shorter than the.300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, the saami specifications for the two cartridges overlap slightly and the.30-06 Springfield and.300 Winchester Magnum have the same maximum authorized overall length.34 (84.84mm).
Lighter rifles often mean a little extra recoil energy that is generated so the numbers might be a little higher for the.300 WSM rounds.